IT Outsourcing Security Best Practices

Intellectual property (IP) protection is one of the main concerns companies have about IT outsourcing. The first action they can take to protect themselves from IP theft is to register for trademarks, copyrights or patents. Businesses who are seeking an IT outsourcing service provider can take this a step further by evaluating the company’s reputation and the protections they offer.

Advantages of Java Development: Why Java isn't Dying

Java is a powerful, object-oriented programming language that is easy to learn and offers many benefits. It is the universal standard development for most enterprise software, games, web content and mobile apps.

More than 9 million developers around the world use Java to develop a variety of top performing applications that are fast, secure and reliable. Here are some more advantages of Java:

Scrum Sprint Planning: How to determine the best duration

Scrum sprint planning meetings are held at the start of the sprint cycle. The product owner and Scrum Master meet with the rest of the team to review the product backlog, answer any questions and set a sprint goal.

Sprint planning meetings are also a good opportunity to determine the duration of the sprint, which is different for every team. Sprints generally last from one to four weeks, but the average sprint is two weeks for most teams. There are advantages and disadvantages to both long and short sprints. Here’s how to choose the appropriate sprint length for your team.